Ready for a Mentorship experience unlike any other? APPLY HERE.

We hold our mentors throughout their participation in the mentorship experience to the same standard as our mentees. We are intentional and selective about who we choose to pair with our students, and are dedicated to providing high quality mentors to our program participants. The application process and the program itself require drive from students and dedication from mentors. If you put in the effort, our mentorship experience can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

How you engage in the Mentorship Experience. Step-by-Step:

  • Fill out a mentor application 
  • Complete background check (we’ll send a link after the application is completed)
  • Attend an info session.
  • Schedule and complete an interview with a member of our team (45 min or so)
  • We’ll complete reference checks
  • Watch our safety (DCAC) and video training modules
  • Attend mandatory training on at the end of August
  • Matching mentors with mentees will take place at the beginning of September
    • Once the perfect mentor/mentee connection is determined you will be notified that you are a mentor
  • Sessions will begin at the end of September

Have more questions? Contact us at: joinus@mindsmatterdenver.org.