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Do you dream of making a difference you can see?

Do you want to help youth go further than they ever believed?

Do you want to be inspired by dedicated, persistent, brilliant high schoolers?

Yes? If you are willing to show up, being a Minds Matter mentor can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

Mentor a high-achieving student from low-income communities, and become a part of our life-altering, future-changing success…

At Minds Matter, WE KEEP IT 100%:

100% of our students graduate high school on time: 100%
100% Complete
100% are accepted into four-year colleges: 100%
100% Complete
100% are awarded scholarships: 100%
100% Complete

You don’t have to:

  • Be good at math
  • help with chemistry homework
  • think about the SAT again

Help a motivated student navigate through school applications, essay-writing skills, financial aid, college entrance exam prep, and other life skills critical to college and career success.

20 weeknights for three years can alter a lifetime.


We do the hard work for you. We set the curriculum in advance, other volunteers teach it. You listen, share your experience, and keep in touch with your kiddos (usually through text or Instagram) during the week.

Our students are serious about the program, and so are our mentors. If you want serious results, apply now.


Success Story

AND if all that wasn’t convincing enough, take a look at Dunya and Julia.

Dunya arrived to the United States from Ethiopia shortly before she began high school. Her family did all they could to help her attempt to catch up with her English-speaking peers before she enrolled in classes, but with learning a new language as a major barrier, she appeared to be shy and uneducated to the world around her when she was in fact anything but. Her teachers quickly found that obstacles were no match for her work ethic. She crushed it in math and science and only needed supplemental English classes for one year.

After her freshman year, she was selected by the Minds Matter program. There, she was paired with two dedicated mentors. One of them was Julia, an accountant at a large firm, who saw Dunya’s talent with numbers and encouraged her to follow a similar path. Over the next three years, Dunya and Julia developed a personal connection that extended through mentoring activities and Minds Matter events as well as friendly outings and family gatherings. Near the end of her three years in Minds Matter, Dunya was accepted to several colleges, offered scholarships, and chose to attend Colorado State University. She excelled in college just as she did in high school. During her junior year of college, Dunya was offered a prestigious internship.

To both of their surprise, this internship was at Julia’s firm. When Julia received the news, she raced down to the office with tears of pride and excitement in her eyes.

All their years of hard work had come to fruition. Thanks to her dedication, talent, and references, Dunya was ultimately hired at the firm. Julia and Dunya’s mentorship has lasted long past the three-year commitment required by Minds Matter, and it serves as an example of the life-long impact that our program can have in the lives of both the mentee and the mentor.