Donate $10. We'll Make It $171.

Education Matters, and there’s no better place to make a difference than at Minds Matter. Every dollar you contribute generates a $17.10 return. It’s a solid investment.

Your generous donation can help pay for college application fees, shared dinners, and an unforgettable summer experience on a college campus for our mentees. Your contributions make a difference.

Dinner for a student: $10

SAT Books: $25

One college application fee for a student: $50

SAT tutoring for a student: $150

Laptop + hotspot for a student: $500

Tuition to a top-tier academic summer program for a student: $2,500

Cost of a student for one year: $5,280

Cost of a student over the life of the program: $15,840

Since 2004, we’ve maintained 100% success. Every single one of our graduates:

finishes high school on time: 100%
100% Complete
attends pre-collegiate summer programs: 100%
100% Complete
Earns acceptance to a four-year college or university with scholarships: 100%
100% Complete

In any given year, our graduating class of students can earn upwards of $500k in scholarships.

And we’re all-in for our kids!

We receive over $1MM in in-kind volunteer time each year. We have over 230 volunteers with only 3 paid staff.

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