Our Volunteers


Minds Matter mentors are all professionals or graduate students (all with Bachelors degrees); our largest populations are younger professionals between the ages of 22 and 35, and established professionals between the ages of 50 and 70. 

What is consistent across our Mentor base is that they are educated, enthusiastic, and most importantly, they are passionate about developing a relationship with a bright and motivated student.

We pair each of our students with two mentors (or two students with three mentors), with whom the student spends the next three years of his/her Minds Matter career. Mentors meet with their “mentee” in a structured session each Monday during the school year. In addition to helping students apply to top academic summer programs and universities and secure financial aid, mentors also work with mentees on essay-writing skills, basic ACT prep, and other life skills critical to college and career success.


Mentors have the opportunity to take part in an exciting, young, and successful organization that is achieving measurable results in its community. Many mentors also rise to assume key leadership positions that directly contribute to the strategic vision of the organization.

On an individual level, each mentor builds and fosters a lasting relationship with his or her mentee, a relationship that forever impacts both parties. Mentors join to enrich the lives of their mentees, but they often note that their own lives have been enriched as well.

Mentors also have access to a strong local network of young professionals across a variety of industries, and Minds Matter has served as a wonderful platform for networking.