Daniel Hernandez Attends “MIT of the West” This Summer


Our very own “Genius” Daniel Hernandez was just featured in the Denver Post (click through the slides in the article to page 3)The requirements for this summer program read like something out of a training manual to become Steven Hawking’s assistant. In this summer program, Daniel will receive ample hands-on practice in SolidWorks among other technologies. Both Daniel and his MMD mentor Stephanie Savage are exceptionally excited about this opportunity–not just because it is a rigorous summer program in engineering but that it is also at the “MIT of the West” or the Colorado School of Mines.

The Colorado School of Mines is is one of the world’s elite engineering schools on the exact same level as MIT, CalTech, Rensselaer and Harvey Mudd and others. (If we left your school out, apologies in advance). This is further proof that Genius has no zip code, nor altitude!


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